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BikeBot values all your precious resources be it Time, Money or Safety.
Ride with us to have a wonderful experience cutting traffic.

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BikeBot values all your precious resources be it Time, Money or Safety.
Ride with us to have a wonderful experience cutting traffic.

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Why choose us ?

We provide convenient, hassle free, transaparent and quickly accessible transportation services within the city along with an investement plan that gives fixed returns.

BikeBot brothers believe in social good

The concept of Bikebot was basically derived from the idea of social good. Our team wanted to create something different & unique that could contribute towards society.

We are motivated by the purpose to serve society

Bikebot brothers is a concept generated to serve the society by providing user-friendly & easy transportation services conserving the environment.

We are another name of excellence

We believe in being the best team possessing excellent qualities to understand & serve our customers magnificently.


Our Skills
Security is our top most concern

Female riders might feel awkward sitting at the back of a male driver because of safety concern or discomfort. BikeBot takes care of everything, that's why we provide separate women drivers for female riders. Be comfortable and feel safe while riding.


A Ride of Trust
and Joy

BikeBot is serving the community in a 360-degree manner. We empower experienced and skilled drivers. We provide round the clock bike taxi services to every class and gender taking care of safety with our easy to access App.

We have fixed income generating investment plans that too using your spare bike. Rent your bike and get fixed monthly returns.

Our features

Stipulated Income

It offers a bait of stipulated income each month.You just have to rent your bike to avail the benefits of the plans along with the bounties. This way your resources are utilized optimally.


BikeBot is different from others, it is user-friendly. Anybody can hire bikes using the BikeBot app without any difficulty. The app is also developed in an easy to use manner.

Environmental friendly

Bikebot is a bike taxi app that hires two wheelers & they have an edge over on four-wheeler cab providers. Bikes emit less pollution as they consume fewer fossil fuels.

Time Saver

BikeBot is first bike taxi service of its own kind introduced to the world. The idea behind this innovation was to save the time of users. At present many car-cab services are available but they are unable to deal with the heavy traffic jams causing a delay in reaching the destination.

Money Saver

Besides being the time saver BikeBot saves money. It is much economical than any other cab service operational presently. It costs less while comparing with luxury AC car-cab services & provides quick service as well.

Easy to access

BikeBot has launched its app that can be easily downloaded in smartphones to access its services. BikeBot is always ready to serve, call it anytime anywhere it will be there at a single call.



  • 1. All Investment are subject to market risk.
  • 2. MYBIKEBOT power by GIPL( Garvit Innovative Promotions Limited)
    is solely responsible for all financial commitment.
  • 3. BIKEBOT BROS team is one of the investors and associates to guide interested investors.
  • 4. BIKEBOT BROS team help building tools and provide education of the business model.
  • 5. MYBIKEBOT ‘s main website is www.mybikebot.com

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